EEMS® is a problem solver

Extreme Environment Materials Solutions, (EEMS®), LLC is a materials polymer ceramic technology solutions company providing products that address customer needs in extreme operating environments. We develop, manufacture, and sell specialty materials and offer performance chemicals that meet your immediate needs.

We apply the best scientific and industrial thinking to enhance the use of commercially available chemistries/materials systems.

At the core of EEMS® is the knowledge to effectively utilize inorganic materials to address the increasing demands for quantum improvements in performance that long standing, primarily organic based, materials solutions increasingly fail to achieve through incremental changes.

EEMS®’s Ceramic Forming Polymers Enable You To Manage Harsh Environments

Our focus is on customized polymer ceramic technology solutions that are typically not well serviced by large materials companies. EEMS® customers are in Aerospace, Electronics, Human Health, Petrochemical, Transportation, Construction, Defense and a wide range of discrete component manufacturing. Our customers need products that can function more efficiently in harsh environments. Our solutions: reduce weight; increase operating temperatures; improve wear; enhance fire and corrosion resistance; and benefit human health and the environment.

Learn how our polymers are used in applications that reduce weight and save energy.



Carbon Forming Polymers Low Temp Molding Resins and Compounds Low Cost SiOC Forming Polymers
High Temperature, High Toughness Mold at 100°C – Use at 1100°C 2200°F For $22/lb
  • Medium to high viscosity liquid polymer
  • No Solvents needed
  • Low viscosity at 60°C (140°F)-100°C for good wet-out
  • B-Stage at 120°C -140°C (250°F-280°F)
  • Lower Shrinkage than most phenolics
  • Compatible with carbon, oxide and non-oxide fibers and fillers
  • 55-60% Char Yield From Liquid at 850°C-900°C for improved C/C processing
  • Make parts using very low cost fiberglass/polyester molds
  • Compatible with most vacuum bagging and VARTM tooling materials
  • 85% Ceramic Yield at 850°C-900°C
  • Low Viscosity Liquids for good wet-out – No solvents
  • Fire to 900°C = Stable at 1100°C (2200°F)
  • 85% Ceramic Yield at 850°C-900°C
  • Low Viscosity Liquids – No solvents
  • Fire to 900°C = Stable at 1100°C (2200°F)
  • Low 110°C (230°F) Molding Temperature
  • Can use conventional tooling/VARTM materials
  • Compatible with carbon, oxide and non-oxide fibers and fillers



bullet Aerospace
bullet Human Health
bullet Transportation
bullet Defense

bullet Electronics
bullet Petrochemical
bullet Construction
bullet Discrete Component Manufacturers


bullet Matrix materials for CMC and PMC fabrication
bullet TPS coatings: Fiber coatings and Clear coatings
bullet Additives to improve thermal stability
bullet Foamed material systems
bullet Performance Chemicals; CLC’sTM (Cross Linking Catalysts)