shuttle_space_stationEEMS® typically partners with customers to deliver improved value in their products and their customer’s products through application of our knowledge and experience in materials solutions. Successful development partnerships with EEMS® are based on a win-win mentality, mutual sharing and learning, our experience in effective program execution and resource commitments commensurate with the challenge at hand.

The company works with well-informed customers seeking performance improvements beyond the capabilities of standard materials. EEMS® is a problem solver who applies the best scientific and industrial thinking in how to better use commercially available chemistry / materials. We help bring ideas to market, by applying multidisciplinary skills of chemistry, engineering, materials science and product development. The EEMS® team analyzes requirements, and tailors materials solutions to meet performance needs in products. Quality is a result of process control and the commitment of the cross-disciplinary team.

EEMS® establishes credibility when appealing to customers at all levels. The company meets customer demands for factual understanding through high level visualizations, photographs, customer stories, as well as engineering and scientific data or proofs. It helps customers to become self-educated, through their interaction with the company’s written materials, web site, and personal interactions. We help our customers become smarter in the art of harsh environment materials solutions.

Our customer’s investments in fact finding are rational decisions, but are emotionally counter-balanced with perceived risk associated with new advanced materials. To counteract this natural tendency, through our brand we build trust at all levels of customer experience, from highly technical interactions to sound economic analysis and demonstrated successful applications. EEMS® builds an intimate relationship with the customer by developing products and solving our client’s problems through education: imparting knowledge, lending of expertise, and demonstrating facts.