remotemonitoring4systems_sm_1b0t (1)bullet Bringing Extreme Environment Materials Solutions to Market

We collaborate with our partners to create and engineer materials by applying our creative, detailed and practical skills to produce the best solution. Working with material scientists, and product specialists we accelerate engineering development and bring an array of unique features to products. We guide our partners through the learning process about the materials, aid in the engineering and help your team understand how to apply these unique materials, that are tough, light-weight and heat-resistant.

bullet Alliance

Alliances are driven by a simple logic that when resources and assets are combined, the value is greater than if derived separately. To entice a customer to enter into an alliance, EEMS® needs to validate that risk can be managed, costs are lower by cooperating with us (instead of seeking an alternative), and we bring capabilities of not only performance advantages to the alliance, but also lower cost of ownership by the market based on joined efforts. The business logic of the presentation needs to show that the customer can harvest higher margins in their products or increased market share through unique advantages of the EEMS® expertise. Associated with this presentation and communications to the customer is to show broad-based capabilities across all levels of the organization, and that value chains are highly complementary with the customers own perceived view of the market or operations. Further, a softer and subtle message needs to signal tacit collusion or cooperation in the customers design, development and technology processes. The intent is to gain social integration with the customer’s organization, so communications are free flowing, joint problem solving is accomplished and ultimately that products are successfully brought to market in volume.

bullet Displacement

EEMS® solutions demonstrate strong differentiation and the technology uniqueness. Specialty materials that show higher performance across a number of metrics, and most importantly it can be shown that the materials/ products are practical to deploy (cost and ability fit existing processing methodologies). A displacement strategy requires that a customer has to substitute known products and methods with a similar but slightly different approach. A natural consequence of using a new technology is heightened risks and fears of the unknown by the customer’s team. Communications and company skills can mitigate these factors through emphasis on activities such as demonstrations, prototypes, education, or incremental process changes as needed.

bullet Technology Driven, Product Focused

EEMS® represents the best of new thinking in harsh environment material solutions. We are the source of guidance in material solutions based on silicon carbide, silicon-oxycarbide and silicon nitride. Our quality is the result of our expertise, knowledge, and innovation in bringing the most advanced specialty materials to market.

We work with you as our client and your supply chain as needed to provide education and product solutions which when combine creates synergies for your customers and their customers.

bullet Manufacturing Flexibility:

Adaptable – can be inserted into existing process equipment with minimal additional capital expenditure.
Compatible – works synergistically with existing materials.